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Precious World Housing Solutions is a “full service” Customer service oriented Real Estate Consulting Firm with a Servant Leadership philosophy that desires to create life-long relationships and business partnerships with our Buyers, Sellers, Clients, Tenants, and Service Providers.  We don’t expect our relationship to end at the closing of a transaction.


For our Sellers, we offer our 'Free Credit Improvement Program'  for select qualified families that may be at risk for or have suffered damage to their personal credit standing. This program offers the family the ability to improve their credit FICO Score with the three applicable Credit Bureaus (Equifax, Transunion, or Experian) which can help to increase their buying power in the US economy.  A good credit standing also allows the opportunity to acquire and/or maintain a career in various professions that conduct background checks for certain employment.


For our Home Buyers, in addition to accepting conventionally financed Buyers, we also offer "In House" Owner Financing Programs with any credit (poor, bankruptcy, etc.).  We use other suitable criteria to determine qualification.  We believe that, although life dishes challenges, you are more than just a credit score.  Home ownership is key to family prosperity.


For our Commercial or Multi-Family Buyers, we offer a ‘Program Management Service’  for select properties and a minimal fee.  This service offers our out of area Buyers or Buyers that desire not to be directly hands on with the acquired property the ability to have immediate boots on the ground to employ an Asset Management Team for the property.  We will oversee and manage this process for a negotiated temporary period post the closing transaction.   This is ideal, but not exclusively, for our international and out of area Buyers purchasing properties in any under sourced remote locations in various parts of the country.


For our Private Lenders, we provide returns at 7% or greater at a faster pace than your conventional investment vehicles.



Our guarantee is that we will put our reasonably best efforts into assuring we have the best relationships that is built on honesty and integrity with all parties.  Our goal is to be a light in this precious world of real estate.

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